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Investing Intelligently
Maximizing Returns, Minimizing Risks of Global Investing  

Investing intelligently in global markets requires insight into both the economic and political trends affecting markets and shaping investment outcomes. That requires the ability to think horizontally and measure investment opportunities in very different markets marked by different levels of business and political risk.

Investing intelligently in global markets also requires the ability to drill down into any particular market or business to determine whether an investment is warranted. The forces driving the global economy actually reinforce the investment fundamentals. You need to know market conditions, industry prospects, the quality of management and the strengths and weaknesses in your own business strategy before you invest.

At Split Rock, we help our clients think horizontally and drill down vertically to find the optimum investment opportunities in the global economy geared to their individual appetite for risk. Our job is to help maximize returns and minimize the risks of investing in world markets.

  • Macro Analysis: Our clients turn to Split Rock for our independent analysis of broad economic and political trends and what they mean for potential investments in world markets. That can take the form of Split Rock’s advice on the political factors shaping the investment environment and the prospects for specific investments in a given country.
  • Investment Research: Split Rock advises clients on individual investment opportunities as well. Our clients ask for our advice in examining individual opportunities and evaluating how they fit within the broader economic and political forces shaping individual markets, including the trend in the United States and elsewhere to require a review of foreign investment for national security and other purposes.

Pioneering New Investment Tools and Technologies

At Split Rock, our work on behalf of clients in the investment arena reaches beyond analysis. Our clients turn to us to create markets, as well as analyze them, particularly where such markets can contribute to solving broader public policy problems.

  • Building Stronger Capital Markets: Investments in emerging markets often require a conscious effort to build stronger institutions capable of ensuring that such markets do an effective job of measuring risk and allocating capital. At Split Rock, we work with our clients to examine conditions in particular emerging markets. We suggest ways our clients can collaborate with local governments and international institutions to create a healthier capital market capable of attracting investment that serves the broad economic interests of the local community.
  • Next Stage Microfinance: Split Rock is committed to finding innovative market solutions and harnessing leading-edge technology to enable investors and entrepreneurs to succeed while empowering those at the bottom of the economic pyramid. That requires a new approach to financing and world markets – one that uses financial tools developed in the world’s most sophisticated capital markets to bring greater financial leverage to individuals, families, and small businesses in the developing world.

At Split Rock, we work with financial firms, multilateral institutions, U.S. government agencies, and non-profit entities to solve both the commercial and regulatory problems that inhibit direct investment in the small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets that represent the best hope for the future of the majority of the world’s population that lives in the developing world.